Excerpts from the Prayer Bible Guide


The Ideal Daily Spiritual Help is a small pamphlet that contains Bible passages that speaks to a personal need - verses to be used in witnessing and in prayers.


This pamphlet will guide you to where you will get help in the Bible when you feel: afraid, alone, burned out, cheated, confused, depressed, distressed, elated, guilty, hateful, impatient, insecure, insulted, jealous, like quitting, lost, overwhelmed, penitent or sorry, proud, purposeless, sad, self-confident, tense, thankful, threatened, tired or weak, trapped, unimportant, vengeful, worried, worshipful, etc.


Here, you will also find help when you're facing: sorrow, success, temptation, lies, troubles, verbal cruelty, poverty, atheists, punishment, slander or insults, slaughter, competition, criticism, danger, death, discrimination, decision-making, doubts, enemies, persecution, old age, illness, hypocrisy, evil people, heresy, and the likes.


Not only that, it also contains Scriptures that will help you when you want justice, acceptance, confidence, answers to many things you don't understand, fellowship with God, courage, forgiveness, friendship, salvation, stability, vindication, prayer, wisdom, rest, provision, peace, money, perspective, protection, hope, provision, knowledge, leadership, miracles, integrity, illumination, healing, guidance, godly affection, humility, etc.


Locate the passage in your Bible -- the book, chapter, and verse(s). Read the passage in relation to its context. Understand it and apply it to your situation by meditating on it and asking God what you need from Him.


Remember, God does not ignore the prayers of His children, especially when it is sincere. Leave all your problems and worries with our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7). Cry out to Him for help and He will answer you (Psalm 9:12).




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