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The Biblical Aspect of Abraham's Life is a comprehensive study of the life of Abraham, one of the greatest men in history, and one of the most important figures in the Bible, who in several respects was not only "the first and most prominent Hebrew patriarch" (Psalms 47:9 105:6; Isaiah 41:8; 51:2) but also the most eminent of all the patriarchs.


Abraham was a wealthy and powerful character from the Old Testament, who, just like many Christians in modern times, was used by God to accomplish His purpose and plan of salvation.


Illustrating Abraham's journey, along with his strengths and human frailties, this literary work delves deep into how modern Christians can understand God as He reaches out to His people.


Highly engaging and relevant, the book also provides enough resource material for readers to accept their trials and triumphs just as Abraham faced his own weaknesses and achievements.




Ike Ozuome

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